A-litter born 2009-09-26


CH Sieger's Pool Position "Tabasco"
Barecho Beyond Belief "Grynet"
Litter statistics:
Name: Sex: Color: Hips: Others:
Barecho Able To Win "Moltas" D L/w    
CH Barecho Aim To Fame "Ice" D L/w   Export Australia. AUCH
Barecho All In Position "Sigge" D L/w    
Barecho A New Feeling "Winston" D L/w    
Barecho Absolute Believer "Acke" D L/w A  
Barecho Apple Of My Eye "Zelda" B L/w A  
Barecho Amaze Me "Mazy" B L/w   Export Finland. Shown with Res-CC.
Video of the puppies at 6 weeks of age
One more video
Puppy pictures (4, 6 & 8 weeks old):
Barecho Able To Win "Moltas"
Dog Liver & white
CH Barecho Aim To Fame "Ice""
Dog Liver & white

Barecho All In Position "Sigge"
Dog Liver & white
Barecho A New Feeling "Winston"
Dog Liver & white
Barecho Absolute Believer "Acke"
Dog Liver & white
Barecho Apple Of My Eye "Zelda"
Bitch Liver & white
Barecho Amaze Me "Mazy"
Bitch Liver & white
INTCH NORDCH PLCH HUCH KLBCH EUW-05-08-11 WW-06-10 KBHW-06-07-09 DKW-06-07-09 NORDW-08-11

Sieger's Pool Position
Trollängens Cross Country
CH Barecho Fun For The Future
CH Trollängens New Tricks
Sieger's Wagtail
Spring Creek's Extra Dry
Sieger's Optical Queen
Barecho Beyond Belief SEU(u)CH PLCH SEW-07
Wongan Kadenza
CH Azucroft On The Prowl
CH Wongan Amazing Grace
C.I.E. NORDCH PLCH SEW-00-06 NOW-05 WW-06 KBHW-08 VWW-08
Barecho Zuper Diva
CH Nobhill Follow The Leader
CH Barecho Pretty Picture

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