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Cocker Spaniel

K-litter born 2020-09-19



Travis Wood Wind "Rickie"
CH Backhills Just Awesome "Svea"
Litter statistics:
Name: Sex: Color: Hips: Information:
Barecho King Of The Woods "Leo" D Blr    
Barecho Key Note "Oden" D Blr    
Barecho Keep Me Close "Disa" B Blr    
Barecho Kind 'n' Generous "Tyra" B Blr    
Barecho Konfetti Girl "Alice" B Blr    
Barecho Kiss Of The Wind "Molly" B Blr    
Video of the puppies at six weeks of age
Puppy photos (4, 6 & 8 weeks old):
Barecho King Of The Woods "Leo"
Dog Blue roan

Barecho Key Note "Oden"
Dog Blue roan

Barecho Kiss Of The Wind "Molly"
Bitch Blue roan

Barecho Konfetti Girl "Alice"
Bitch Blue roan

Barecho Kind 'n' Generous "Tyra"
Bitch Blue roan

Barecho Keep Me Close "Disa"
Bitch Blue roan

Travis Wood Wind EUW-15 NORDV-15 SEU(u)CH
Annilann Sergeant Blast
Chativore Steel Symphony
Annilann Miss Tique
NOJV-14 SE V-14
Travis Woods Of Windsor
CH Travis Miles Of Smiles
Doggygarden's Coco Chanel
Backhills Just Awesome
Backhills New Design
Hochachtungsvoll Vom Schloss Hellen
CH Travis Keep It Classy
Backhills Zsa Zsa Gabor
CH Travis Face Factor
CH Backhills Marilyn Monroe










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