A-litter born 1999-11-17 s. CH Northworth Again And Again d. Usemade Best Wishes
B-litter born 2001-03-01 s. Claramand B'Serious d. Usemade Best Wishes
C-litter born 2001-09-08 s. CH Leavenworth In Every Inch d. Usemade Hat Trick
D-litter born 2002-01-08 s. CH Quettadene Intuition d. Barecho Almost An Angel
E-litter born 2003-04-24 s. CH Travis Able And Willing d. Usemade Hat Trick
F-litter born 2011-03-28 s. CH Travis Vintage Gold d. CH Backhills Quality Design
G-litter born 2013-02-28 s. Bobby Brown Black Petrs d. CH Backhills Quality Design
H-litter born 2015-02-28 s. CH Travis Upside Of Anger d. CH Backhills Quality Design
I-litter born 2018-04-17 s. Tozzi Ekstra News d. CH Backhills Just Awesome

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