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Bred/owned/leased by Kennel Barecho

Barecho Absolute Gold
Barecho All For Love
Barecho All Out of Luck
Barecho All Over Again
Barecho All Systems Go
Barecho Almost An Angel
Barecho Best of Luck
VDHCH Barecho Better B'good
Barecho Big Boss
Barecho Black Velvet
Barecho Bourbon Eyes
Barecho Centre of The Heart
SEU(u)CH Barecho Classic Charm
Barecho Classy By Design
Barecho Cocktail Jet
Barecho Colour of Love
Barecho Colour of Whiskey
Barecho Crazy For You
Barecho Cute N'charming
Barecho Dance With Me
Barecho Dancer's Touch
Barecho Dancin'on The Moon
Barecho Deep in My Heart
Barecho Diamonds Are Forever
Barecho End of The Road
Barecho Endless Fortune
Barecho Especially For You
Barecho Evening News
Barecho Exotic Spice
Barecho Eye Candy
Barecho Fairy Tale
Barecho Feeling Blue
Barecho Fills The Frame
Barecho Flip A Coin
NORDUCH SEV-16 SEV-19 SEVV-19 Barecho Flower Power
RLD N Barecho Fool to Remain Sane
EECH LTCH EE & LT & Ltu & BaltJCH LTVCH FIVV-21 Barecho Four Wheel Drive
Barecho Free Falling
Barecho Glory Days
Barecho Go Ahead
Barecho Good Heavens
Barecho Good Luck Charm
Barecho Great Balls of Fire
Barecho Great Pretender
Barecho Guardian Angel
Barecho Happens All The Time
Barecho Having A Blast
Barecho Heavenly Connection
Barecho Hey Good Lookin'
Barecho High Quality
Barecho Hot Design
Barecho Hungry Eyes
Barecho I Believe in Me
Barecho I Dug Up A Diamond
Barecho I Love It
Barecho I Turn to You
Barecho I'm Awesome News
Barecho Ice Blue
Barecho If I Can Dream
Barecho Image Classic
Barecho Isn't She Lovely
Barecho It Ain't Me Babe
Barecho Just Astonishing
Barecho Just Enchanting
Barecho Just Extraordinary
Barecho Just Fabulous
Barecho Just Glorius
Barecho Just Goshwow
SEVCH Barecho Just Magnificent
SEU(u)CH DKCH(u) Barecho Just Spectacular
Barecho Just Striking
Barecho Keep Me Close
Barecho Key Note
Barecho Kind 'n' Generous
Barecho King of The Woods
Barecho Kiss of The Wind
Barecho Konfetti Girl
Barecho Labour Of Love
Barecho Lady In Red
Barecho Latest Fashion
Barecho Like A Diamond
Barecho Lil' Limerick
Barecho Love Actually
Barecho Lucky Eyes
Barecho Make Me Sway
Barecho Man In The Moon
Barecho Mayflower Story
Barecho Modern Fashion
Barecho Moonlight Shadow
Barecho My Guy
Barecho My Precious
SEU(u)CH Backhills Just Awesome
SEU(u)CH Backhills Quality Design
Usemade Best Wishes
Usemade Hat Trick


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