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Bred/owned/leased by Kennel Barecho

Barecho Against All Odds
Barecho All My Loving
Barecho Always On My Mind
Barecho Baby I'm a Star
Barecho Baby You're Dynamite
Barecho Beat It
Barecho Billie Jean
Barecho Body Rock
Barecho Captain Of Her Heart
LP Barecho Careless Whisper
Barecho Could This Be Magic
Barecho Cover Me
Barecho Crazy In The Night
Barecho Crime of Passion
Barecho Dancing In The Dark
Barecho Deep In The Dark
Barecho Domino Dancing
C.I.E. SEU(u)CH NOUCH SEVCH EUW-10 WW-10 KBHV-09 EUW-11 FIV-11 VWW-10 NOVV-11 Caci's A Boy Like Daddy
INTUCH SEUCH Echo vom Kaiser Barbarossa
Ixobolas Barbarossa
Svartskäggs Fleurs Flair and Square
Svartskäggs Illusion In Black
Svartskäggs Just In Time
Svartskäggs Unexpected Wanda


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