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English Springer Spaniel

V-litter born 2008-08-16



CH Cloette's Jack Pot "Max"
Barecho Exquisite Model "Evita"
Litter statistics:
Name: Sex: Color: Hips: Information:
Barecho Victory Lane "Hobbe" D B/w    
Barecho Vice Versa "Ragnar" D L/w    
Barecho Vampire's Kiss "Casper" D L/w    
Barecho Vision Of Jack Pot "Valter" D L/w A  
Barecho Very Much A Lady "Svea" B L/w    
CH Barecho Vild Is The Wind "Nika" B L/w B Export Poland. PLCH PLJCH. Shown with CC & BOB. Born offsprings
Barecho Velvet Morning "Miso" B L/w    
Puppy photos (4, 6 & 8 weeks old):
Barecho Victory Lane "Hobbe"
Dog Black & white

Barecho Vice Versa "Ragnar""
Dog Liver & white

Barecho Vampire's Kiss "Casper"
Dog Liver & white

Barecho Vision Of Jack Pot "Valter"
Dog Liver & white

Barecho Very Much A Lady "Svea"
Bitch Liver & white

CH Barecho Vild Is The Wind "Nika"
Bitch Liver & white

Barecho Velvet Morning "Miso"
Bitch Liver & white

Cloette's Jack Pot
High Score On-The-Move
CH Wongan Kadenza
CH High Score Imagine-Me
Cloette's You Only Live Twice
CH Whisborne Rebellion
CH Springlet Triple N'Touch
Barecho Exquisite Model C.I.E. NORDCH SEV-02-08 NOV-04-06 FIV-05 KBHV-08 VWW-08
Barecho Fun For The Future
CH Whisborne Angus Og
CH Barecho Pretty Picture
Rowntree XLNT Choice For Barecho CH Fraelighte Full Frontal
CH Rowntree In My Mind





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