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If you have any questions about our breeds, please feel free to contact us or come and meet us and our dogs in their home environment.

Our thoughts on our breed English Springer Spaniel
English Springer is a wonderful breed, always happy and compliant. Kind to everything and everyone. They are well suited as a first time dog as they have a great will to please. They are easy to bring without a leash on walks and quite easy to train to stay in the yard. They love to be with their owners and want to keep up and do things. Fits perfectly if you like an active outdoor life or want to practice obedience, retrieval, track, freestyle, agility, nosework, rescue and more. For us, the most important thing is that the dog gets a good life with you with lots of love. They become happy the more you love them. The English springer does not require so much fur care that combing the fur carefully every other week is good enough. They should be groomed every 3 to 4 months, a grooming that you can do yourself as an owner.

Our thoughts on our breed Cocker Spaniel
Cocker spaniel is a fantastic breed, they are very intelligent and lovable and they like to be very close to their owner. They are very easy to learn, friendly and playful. The cocker may be stubborn at a young age which may require a firm hand in its upbringing. They tend to be easy to learn to be loose in their yard and on walks, they prefer to be with their flock - ie. his family. The cocker appreciates an active life together with his owner, one should not think they just like the "sofa life" because they are one of the smaller spaniel breeds. They like most activities, trails and nosework especially when they are allowed to use their noses. For us, the most important thing is that the dog gets a good life with you with lots of love. The cocker should be groomed approximately every two months. They should be combed through properly once a week. Regular baths and dry foam makes the coat easier to handle.

Our thoughts on our breed Welsh Springer Spaniel
The welshie is an incredibly beautiful breed, they are easily learned and very active. They are very positive and friendly in their way. They are charmingly impulsive, offer many surprises throughout life. They have a lot of energy, which makes them want to live an active life. The welshie loves to be with his owners and keeps up with what is on offer. Perfectly suited for obedience, retrieval, track, freestyle, agility, nosework, rescue, etc. For us, the most important thing is that the dog gets a good life with you with a lots of love. The breed's energy and endurance often keep them active and active well into old age. The welshie does not require so much fur care, combing the fur carefully every other / every three weeks is good enough. They should be groomed every 4th-5th month, a grooming that you can do yourself as an owner.

Our thoughts on our breed Affenpinscher
The affens are small in size, but have huge personalities. An absolutely wonderful breed to live with - faithful to one's family and one that attracts laughter and surprises every day. An Affen Pinscher takes himself very seriously, which together with its intelligence and willingness to be at hand makes it very easy to learn. They enjoy being outside, are robust despite their small format. Going on walks is something they really appreciate. They prefer to be with their owner, which means they are easy to have free outdoors. Some affens can be reserved for strangers, if you respect that, if that is respeceted they usually come forward quite soon because they are so curious. An Affenpinscher does not require much fur care, it needs to be groomed about 2 times a year. Everyday care is enough to comb through the coat every 3 to 4 weeks. They like activities such as agility, for us it is most important that the dog get a good life with you with lots of love. An affenpinscher who is not seen by his family / owner will be very sad and unhappy.

The puppy's first 8 weeks at our home
The puppies are raised in one of our bedrooms and may be there for the first 3-4 weeks with their mother. No visitors are allowed to come during that time, they need to be at peace. After that they move to a larger puppy pen where they sleep and stay when they are not with us in our kitchen or outside on our large plot. There they start to get used to some noise and other sounds. They are now socialized in everyday life and now prospective puppy buyers are warmly welcomed to visit us. At this age the puppies get to hang out with some other adult dogs and play with a lot of different toys. It is very important for us that it will be the right puppy for each puppy buyers so we spend a lot of time with the puppies to see which individuals are the busiest or quietest, so that we can give advice and try to have the right puppy for each and everyone of our puppy buyers.

Our long experience as a breeder allows us to give advice and support to our puppy buyers even after the puppy purchase. Our goal is to be at hand for the dogs we bred and their owners throughout the dog's entire life. The requirements we have for our puppy buyers are that the dog must have a good and active life and be an obvious part of his family as one of its family members. We go to a lot of dog shows ourselves, but exhibiting the dog or competing in other contexts is absolutely not a requirement we place on those who buy a dog from us. We want the dogs to eat a good nutritious feed (we recommend Purina Proplan dog food). We like to see dogs being tested for health even though it is not a requirement. By health test we mean hip X-rays, but also control of eyes. Attending BPH (Behavioral and Personality Description Dog) is something we appreciate and that helps us in continuing breeding work. We think it is fun with both dog owners who already have had a dog as well as dog owners who should buy their first dog.

Our wish is that our puppy buyers keep in touch with us, tells us what happens to the dog and maybe send us a card from time to time so we know how it is in their new home.

The puppies are ready to leave at the earliest at 8 weeks and then they are:

* Registered in the Swedish Kennel Club and SKK's purchase agreement is used
* ID marked with microchip
* Veterinary inspected (no older than 7 days old) and vaccinated
* Regularly dewormed
* Puppy litter insurance against latent defects for 3 years

This is included when you buy the puppy:
* Information sheet with food list and other important things to remember as well as advice on general training and fur care
* Puppy box with dog food (Purina Proplan)
* Puppy meeting the year after the puppy was born
* One grooming for free
* Ownership registration at Swedish Kennel Club


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