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English Springer Spaniel

H-litter born 2018-04-30



CH Westaway Stop Press "Gordon"
CH Barecho U Must Be The One "Curry"
Litter statistics:
Name: Sex: Color: Hips: BPH/MH: Information:
Barecho Handle With Care "Harry" D L/w      
Barecho Have It My Way "Ramon" D L/w      
CH Barecho Having It All "Humphrey" D L/w C Yes Shown with CC, Nordic-CC & BOS. SEU(u)CH NOUCH DKCH(u) DKJCH. Approved aptitude class Tracking trial
Barecho Hell Freezes Over "Hudson" D L/w      
CH Barecho Hallelujah Moment "Lyndi" B L/w A   Export Holland. Shown with CC, CACIB & BOB. C.I.E. BECH NLCH BEJCH SLOCH NLJCH CHCH AJW-19. Born offsprings
Barecho Hear The Cheers "Molly" B L/w   Yes  
Barecho Here She Comes "Salty" B L/w B   Shown with CQ. Born offsprings
Barecho Honey I'm Home "Doris" B L/w A Yes Shown with CQ. Born offsprings
CH Barecho Hot Hot Hot "Peppar" B L/w C   Export Iceland. Shown with CC, Nordic-CC, CACIB & BOB. ISCH RW-22. Offsprings born
Barecho Hothouse Flower "Nova" B L/w C    
Video of the puppies at six weeks of age
Puppy photos (4, 6 & 8 weeks old):
Barecho Handle With Care "Harry"
Dog Liver & white

Barecho Hell Freezes Over "Hudson"
Dog Liver & white

Barecho Having It All "Humphrey"
Dog Liver & white

Barecho Have It My Way "Ramon"
Dog Liver & white

Barecho Hallelujah Moment "Lyndi"
Bitch Liver & white

Barecho Here She Comes "Salty"
Bitch Liver & white

Barecho Hot Hot Hot "Peppar"
Bitch Liver & white

Barecho Honey I'm Home "Doris"
Bitch Liver & white

Barecho Hothouse Flower "Nova"
Bitch Liver & white

Barecho Hear The Cheers "Zita"
Bitch Liver & white

Westaway Stop Press
Westaway Good News
Westaway James Martin
Westaway That'll Do Nicely
Westaway Best Foot Forward CH Westaway Into The Mystic
Java Jive av Vettin
FIJV-16 FIV-16
Barecho U Must Be The One
Cloette's Splendid Surprice
CH Lordsett White Track Back To Linmoor
Linmoor Above The Rest
Barecho Either With or Without You
CH Stardom Soul Player
CH Barecho High Hopes









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