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English Springer Spaniel

Y-litter born 2021-04-20



Cloette's Ain't Done Nothing "Wincent"
Barecho Surprise Me "Fay"
Litter statistics:
Name: Sex: Color: Hips: Information:
Barecho Year By Year "Boston" D L/w    
Barecho Your Special Order "Emil" D L/w B  
Barecho Young Surprise D L/w/tan    
Video of the puppies at six weeks of age
Puppy photos (4, 6 & 8 weeks old):
Barecho Year By Year "Boston"
Dog Liver & white

Barecho Your Special Order "Emil"
Dog Liver & white

Barecho Young Surprise "Aramis"
Dog Liver, white & tan

Cloette's Ain't Done Nothing Goldmoore's All Time High
CH Charlescroft The Full Monty
CH Goldmoore's Release Me
CH Cloette's Couldn't Care Less CH Melverly Top Scorer
CH Cloette's Magnifique For Sure
Barecho Surprise Me C.I.E. NORDUCH JWW-14 FIJV-14 WW-15 NORDV-15 SEV-16
Barecho Play Now Pay Later
CH Linmoor Zimply Zalient
CH Barecho Fly Me To The Moon
EUW-13 FIV-13 WW-14 NOV-15 HeV-15 NORDV-15
Barecho Glint Of Gold
CH Goldmoore's Gold Dreamer
CH Barecho Poetry In Motion





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