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English Springer Spaniel

H-litter born 2022-05-18



Larix Kings Cross "Pax"
Barecho Just Amazing "Jenka"
Litter statistics:
Name: Sex: Color: Hips: Information:
Barecho Huckleberry Finn D L/w/tan    
Barecho Hocus Pocus D B/w    
Barecho Holiday Road "Hector" D B/w/tan    
Barecho Holy Macaroni "Heaven" B L/w    
Barecho Hidden Treasure "Humlan" B B/w    
Barecho Happy Dance "Alva" B B/w   Export Norge
Barecho Hat Trick "Hjördis" B B/w    
Barecho Headline News "Hasta" B B/w    
Barecho Happy Hour "Maya" B B/w    
Barecho Hole In One "Lizzie" B B/w    
Video of the puppies at six weeks of age
Puppy photos (4, 6 & 8 weeks old):
Barecho Huckleberry Finn "Hamilton"
Dog Liver, white & tan

Barecho Hocus Pocus "Hobbe"
Dog Black & white

Barecho Holiday Road "Hector"
Dog Black, white & tan

Barecho Holy Macaroni "Heaven"
Bitch Liver & white

Barecho Hat Trick "Hjördis"
Bitch Black & white

Barecho Happy Hour "Maya"
Bitch Black & white

Barecho Hole In One "Lizzie"
Bitch Black & white

Barecho Hidden Treasure "Humlan"
Bitch Black & white

Barecho Headline News "Hasta"
Bitch Black & white

Barecho Happy Dance "Alva"
Bitch Black & white

Larix Kings Cross Peasblossom Xanti
CH Peasblossom Jester

CH Peasblossom Moonstruck

Picabo's Cinderella Girl

CH Barecho Play Now Pay Later

CH Picabo's Night Wish

Barecho Just Amazing

FIUCH NOUCH EEJCH LVJCH BYJCH Kahdensiskon Hunting For The Glory
CH Nostradamus Hebanowa Sfora
CH Kahdensiskon Caramel Kisses
Barecho Surprise Me CH Barecho Play Now Pay Later
CH Barecho Glint Of Gold









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