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About Helene & David

I (Helene) have always had dogs around me since my mother was a dog breeder. When I was 18, I joined as a partner in the kennel Svartskäggs as my mother's kennel is called. A couple of years later, when I moved to my first own home, I applied for my own kennel name, Barecho.

David grew up in a home with little dog experience, however it was a hunting dog there, an angry Drever. Nevertheless, he has always liked dogs. A relative bred Irish setters and wire-haired dachshunds, so he knew a bit about dog breeding though. David has a hunter degree, something he hasn't had any use of the last years.

Common to both of us is that we have a great interest in animals, of course dogs most - but in the house there have always been cats as well, and for shorter periods rabbits, birds, fish, guinea pigs and even a lot of forest mice (the last involuntarily).

David and I met at the gas station in Årsunda where I worked and he was a customer. We got married in 2000 in Årsunda church. The year before, our child, Jacob, was born. I also have from a previous marriage two sons, Thomas and Henric.

I (Helene) have been an FCI judge since 2002 and judge about 5-7 exhibitions a year. Other weekends we go to shows with our own dogs a lot and merit them and spend time with like-minded people.

David works as a seller of products for the Sawmill Industry, I myself am a preschool teacher and work part time at a preschool in Årsunda.

Our interests besides the dogs are family first, then David plays golf when there is time for it and I read a lot of books and watch British crime series.

One of our grandchildren, Elis



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