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The kennel

The kennel today consists of Helene & David Björkman, as well as Jenny Andersson who since 2019 is a partner in kennel Barecho.

The kennel was founded in 1988 by Helene, the breed born then was black Schnauzer. In 1989 the first litter of English Springer Spaniel was born, the first litter of cocker spaniel was born ten years later, 1999. Affenpinscher came into our lives in 2011 and the first litter there was born in 2013. With Jenny joining as a partner in the kennel we now also have Welsh Springer Spaniel, the first litter of Welsh Springers were born in 2020.

Kennel Barecho is approved by SKK as a kennel and we also have permission from the county administrative board to conduct dog breeding. Our ambition with breeding is to breed healthy and breed typical individuals with an excellent exterior and a breed typical temperament. We want the dogs we raise to cope with both mental and physical stress, and not least be good family dogs. The dogs we use in breeding are all health tested and have a good and healthy mentality, we mostly build our breeding on English and Scandinavian lines.

Dog breeding is a burning interest for us and occupies a large part of our lives. All our dogs and puppies live inside our residential houses, we have no separate kennel house, all our dogs live like the family members they are. At home with Jenny lives about ten dogs and this is also where most of the puppies grow up. Helene & David currently has five dogs living with them.

Commonly bath for the family's Affenpinschers

The kitchen is the dogs favorite room in the house, not so difficult to understand why when here is minced meat ready for the puppies to eat at this picture
In addition to forest walks and play on the large fenced plot, there will also be a lot of leash walks for the dogs

The dogs have their own Christmas present every year, a very popular happening

The Hilmer bed from LS Products is very popular to relax in

Playing outside in the garden is exciting for small puppies


Fr.left.: Yalla, Jenny, Curry, David, Allegro, Pasta, Helene & Paco

Jennys home in the small town Berga at the countryside of Årsunda

In this puppy box it has been born
many puppies

Feeding puppies in the kitchen

When the puppies are born they spend the first time in one of our bedrooms where we sleep with them the first weeks. After a few weeks they move to a larger puppy pen where they sleep and stay when they are not with us in our kitchen or outside on our large plot. For us, it is important that the puppies get a safe start in life and stay in different environments in order to be well prepared the day it is time to move to their new home.

Our long experience as a breeder allows us to give advice and support to our puppy buyers even after the puppy purchase. Our goal is to be at hand for the dogs we raised and their owners throughout the dog's entire life.

The requirements we have for our puppy buyers are that the dog must have a good and active life and be an obvious part of his family as one of its family members. We go to a lot of dog shows ourselves, but exhibiting their dog or competing in other contexts is absolutely not a requirement we place on those who buy a dog from us. We want the dogs to eat a good nutritious feed (we recommend Purina Proplan).

We like to see dogs bred by us being tested for health even though it is not a requirement. By health test we mean X-ray of hips, but also control of eyes. Attending BPH (Behavioral and Personality Description Dog) is something we appreciate and that helps us in continuing breeding work.

Our wish is that our puppy buyers keep in touch with us, tell us what happens to the dog and maybe send something short to us so we know how it is in their new home.

Tyra and Helene on MH test (mental description dog)



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