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(bred by us)
SEVCH Barecho Above And Beyond "Fritz"
SEU(u)CH SEVCH Barecho Ace of Spades "Anton"
AUCH Barecho Aim To Fame "Ice"
SEU(u)CH Barecho Ain't I'm Hot "Adele"
C.I.E. PLCH PLJCH JEUW-17 JWW-17 Barecho All Rights Reserved "Allegro"
SEAgCH FIAgCH SEAg(hopp)CH Barecho Ally Mc Beal "Ally"
NORDUCH NOJV-14 KBHV-17 NOV-17 Barecho Amaretto "Aico"
NOUCH SEU(u)CH FIV-99 NOV-99 Barecho Ambitious Agent "Caesar"
SEU(u)CH Barecho Angel Of Mine "Alva"
SEU(u)CH NOUCH SEVCH Barecho As Time Goes By "Axel"
SEU(u)CH SEVCH SEV-00 Barecho Attractive Looks "Albert"
SEUCH HeJV-15 FIJV-15 Barecho Bardolino "Bertil"
VDHCH Barecho Better B'Good "Buddy"
NOUCH DKCH(u) NORDJV-18 NOV-20 Barecho Beyond Compare "Saga"
C.I.E NORDUCH DKJCH DKJV-18 NOJV-18 NOV-18 HeJV-18 FIJV-18 NORDV-19 WW-23 Barecho Bling Bling No Way "Blingen"
C.I.E. NORDUCH NORDICCH PLJCH DKJCH JEUW-18 DKJV-18 NOJV-18 NOV-18 FIJV-18 NOV-19 HeV-19 FIV-19 NORDV-19 Barecho Bring The Gold "Biggles"
AUGRANDCH Barecho B'Witched
SEVCH Barecho Call On Me "Chanel"
SEU(u)CH C.I.B-J NORDV-22 NORDJV-22 FIV-22 FIJV-22 WW-23 Barecho Can't Beat A Curry "Liam"
C.I.E. NLCH SLOCH SEU(u)CH CHCH BECH JWW-18 BeW-19 AW-19 Barecho Choose Me Or Lose Me "Cosby"
C.I.E. NORDCH SEVCH FIV-10 Barecho Class Action "Puh"
SEU(u)CH Barecho Classic Charm "Cliff"
AUCH Barecho Custom Made "Björn"
NOUCH Barecho Dark'n Dashing "Donna"
SEU(u)CH VEUW-18 Barecho Deal Or No Deal "Diezel"
C.I.E. SEU(u)CH EECH NOUCH SEV-11 EEW-13 Barecho Devil Wears Prada "Miranda"
C.I.E. Barecho Don't Overdo It "Davis"
SEVCH Barecho Dream Big "Sigge"
SEU(u)CH DKCH(u) C.I.B-J FIJCH HeJV-22 Barecho Dreams Are Real "Lincoln"
SEU(u)CH Barecho Either With Or Without You "Enya"
SEU(u)CH Barecho Enough Is Enough "Eddie"
INTUCH NOUCH SEUCH Barecho Everlasting Elegance "Barbie"
SEU(u)CH RLD N Barecho Exquisite Brand "Ellion"
SEU(u)CH NOUCH Barecho Face The Facts "Simson"
SEU(u)CH Barecho Fantasy Picture "Queensey"
NORDUCH SEV-16 SEV-19 SEVV-19 Barecho Flower Power "Björkman"
SEU(u)CH Barecho Flying Vision "Daphne"
C.I.B. NORDCH DKUCH NOVCH SEVCH JWW-06 FIV-08 NORDVV-14 SEVV-15 Barecho Fly Me To The Moon "Liza"
SEVCH Barecho For Sure "Flisan"
EECH LTCH EE & LT & Ltu & BaltJCH LTVCH FIVV-21 Barecho Four Wheel Drive "Vickan"
SEU(u)CH Barecho Front Page Story "Flora"
C.I.E. NORDCH SEV-02-08 NOV-04-06 FIV-05 KBHV-08 VWW-08 Barecho Fun For The Future "Fritz"
INTUCH FIUCH NOUCH FIV-03 Barecho Future Fashion "Fanny"
SEVCH Barecho Glamour Girl "Sala"
C.I.E. NORDUCH FIUCH WW-14 EUW-13 FIV-13 NOV-15 HeV-15 NORDV-15-18 DKVV-19 Barecho Glint Of Gold "Gizza"
SEU(u)CH SEVCH Barecho Go For It "Gaston"
DTJCH Barecho Golden Boy "Lincoln"
DTCJ DTJCH LUXCH Barecho Gold Piece "Gail"
SEVCH NOVCH Barecho Gun Powder "Tempo"
C.I.E. BECH NLCH SLOCH BEJCH NLJCH CHCH AJW-19 Barecho Hallelujah Moment "Lyndi"
SEU(u)CH Barecho Hasta La Vista "Hillevi"
SEU(u)CH NOUCH DKCH(u) DKJCH Barecho Having It All "Humphrey"
SEU(u)CH Barecho He's Got It All "Zola"
SEU(u)CH Barecho High Hopes "Hope"
NORDCH GBSHCH SEV-09 Barecho Hold Your Horses At Peasblossom "Seamus"
ISCH RW-22 Barecho Hot Hot Hot "Peppar"
SEU(u)CH FIJV-01 Barecho I Did It Again "Penny"
NOUCH Barecho Ina Scot "Irja"
C.I.E. ESCH Barecho Indian Summer "Icarus"
SEU(u)CH Barecho In The Air "Porter"
NOUCH Barecho I'ts A Piece Of An Illusion "Whitney"
SEU(u)CH NOUCH DKCH(u) HeV-22 Barecho Jackpot Joy
SACH Barecho Jazz Dancer Of Nikleo "Jakob"
SEU(u)CH NOUCH RUCH Barecho Just A Striking Image "Eros"
SEVCH Barecho Just Magnificent "Bobo"
C.I.E. CZGRANDCH PLCH PLJCH Barecho Just My Style "Jasmine"
SEU(u)CH DKCH(u) Barecho Just Spectacular "Ove"
SEVCH LPI Barecho Keep In Mind "Klara"
SEVCH Barecho Kind Of Magic "Malin"
SEVCH Barecho Larger Than Life "Casper"
SEU(u)CH Barecho Later Diva "Lea"
DTJCH Barecho Let The Music Play "Luca"
SEVCH Barecho Lifetime Story "Tilda"
NLJCH Barecho Lots Of Charm "Leyla"
SACH Barecho Making Waves At WhiteSquall "Markus"
SACH Barecho Me, myself and I At WhiteSquall "Meme"
SEU(u)CH Barecho Miss Knowitall "Kryddan"
C.I.E. NORDUCH EECH LVCH NOVV-14 NORDVV-14 SEVV-15 NOVV-16 Barecho Most Wanted "Winston"
SEVCH Barecho My Oh My "Signe"
NORDCH Barecho Name Of The Game "Hugo"
SEVCH Barecho Never Say Never Again "Norton"
PLCH Barecho Not Bad At All "Ninja"
NOUCH Barecho Nothin' To Declare "Kompiz"
NORDCH Barecho Once In A Lifetime "Aladdin"
SEU(u)CH Barecho One In A Million "Ariel"
NORDCH Barecho One Vision "Celine"
C.I.E. NORDICCH SEU(u)CH NOUCH DKCH(u) WW-20 NOV-23 Barecho On Stage Again "Oboy"
SEU(u)CH Barecho Open Your Heart "Olivia"
SEVCH Barecho Opposites Attract "Thello"
NOVCH SEVCH NV(F)CH Barecho Over the Moon "Vera"
C.I.E. NORDUCH JEUW-14 SEJV-14 HeV-16 Barecho Party In My Head "Pasta"
NOUCH Barecho Passion Play "Bella"
C.I.E. NORDUCH JWW-14 FIJV-14 WW-15 NORDV-15 SEV-16 HeV-16 NOV-17 SEVV-22 Barecho Play Now Pay Later "Paco"
C.I.E. NORDCH NORDV-10 NOVV-15 DKVV-15 HeVV-15 FIVV-15 NORDVV-15 VEUW-16 Barecho Poetry In Motion "Pärlan"
NOUCH SEU(u)CH SEVCH SEV-99 Barecho Pretty Picture "Malin"
C.I.E. CHCH SLCH ACH Barecho Promised You A Miracle "Prinsen"
GBSHCH Barecho Qualified To Show with Peasblossom JW "Holly"
C.I.E. NORDCH FIJV-08 WW-11 SEV-14 Barecho Quest For Success "Claudia"
SEUCH Barecho Question Of Art "Skiffer"
NOUCH SEU(u)CH Barecho Quick To Use "Joker"
C.I.E. ISCH Barecho Quite A Catch "Darin"
SEU(u)CH Barecho Quite A Flyer "Fly"
SEVCH LPI Barecho Quite A Guy "Theo"
INTUCH PLCH PLJCH Barecho Rare Diamond "Rhonda"
SEVCH NOVCH Barecho Ready To Fly "Fido"
SEVCH Barecho Rebellious Heart "Bella"
SEVCH Barecho Rich N'Famous "Rita"
SEU(u)CH Barecho Roses All Over "Thea"
NOUCH SEU(u)CH Barecho Royal Showcase "Harry"
SEVCH Barecho Runaway Bride "Lina"
SEVCH RLD N Barecho Rush Rush "Ziri"
SEVCH RLD N Barecho Shadow Maker "Zigge"
SEVCH Barecho Show Me Heaven "Sally"
C.I.E. SEU(u)CH CHCH LUXCH SLOCH ASGR-21 Barecho Show Must Go On "Spencer"
NOUCH Barecho Six Feet Under "Sara"
SEVCH Barecho So Proud "Alfons"
SEU(u)CH Barecho Sounds Like A Melody "Saga"
C.I.E. C.I.B-V NORDUCH LVCH DKVV-23 Barecho Spitting Image "Justin"
SEVCH Barecho Step Back In Time "Zigge"
DKUCH NORDJV-04 Barecho Takes It All "Tommy"
SEU(u)CH Barecho Tell The World "Tarzan"
SEU(u)CH Barecho The Best Of Me "Mejram"
SEU(u)CH Barecho Three Times A Lady "Towa"
RUCH RUJCH Barecho Time Will Tell "Tibald"
SEVCH LPI LPII Barecho Touch Of Taste "Thea"
SEAgCH SEAg(hopp)CH LPI Barecho U'Got That Somethin' "Amanda"
C.I.E. NORDUCH JEUW-16 SEJV-16 FIJV-16 FIV-16 WW-20 SEVV-23 Barecho U Must Be The One "Curry"
DKJCH Barecho Use Me Now "Uno"
C.I.E. SEU(u)CH DKCH(u) DKJCH Barecho Victoria's Secret "London"
AUCH Barecho Viking Princess "Vanda"
PLCH PLJCH Barecho Vild Is The Wind "Nika"
SEVCH Barecho Voulez-Vous Dancer "Viktor"
SEU(u)CH Barecho What Dreams Are Made Of "Fläder"
SEU(u)CH Barecho Whatever It Takes "Molly"
SEU(u)CH Barecho Whirl Of Luck "Saga"
SEU(u)CH Barecho Winning Streak "Watson"
SEU(u)CH NOUCH NOV-06 Barecho Worth Waitin' For "Mandy"
SACH Barecho Xciting Dream "Ulla"
SEVCH Barecho Xfactor Dream "Elsa"
SEVCH Barecho Xtra Everything "Holger"
C.I.E. NORDUCH Barecho Xtra Sweet "Sindy"
RUCH RUJCH Barecho X-tra X-tra "Flammy"
ITJCH Barecho X-treme Power "Joey"
C.I.E. NORDUCH NOV-13 SEV-15 Barecho Yackpot Every Time "Vegas"
FIUCH Barecho Young At Heart "Torsti"
SEVCH Barecho You Raise Me Up "Sigge"
C.I.E. NORDUCH WW-17 SEV-19 SEV-22 Barecho You Rock My World "Yalla"
NORDCH Barecho Zsa-Zsa Gabor "Speedy"
C.I.B. NORDUCH Barecho Zimply Made For Me "Marta"
C.I.B. NORDCH DKUCH NOVCH SEVCH WW-08 FIV-08 Barecho Zimply Zuper "Loke"
C.I.E. NORDCH PLCH SEV-00-06 NOV-05 WW-06 KBHV-08 VWW-08 Barecho Zuper Diva "Diva"
C.I.E. SEU(u)CH EECH NORDJV-10 WW-11 EEW-13 Barecho Zuper Playmaker "Messi"


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