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  • Barecho Aim To Fame "Ice"
  • Barecho B Witched "Annika"
  • Barecho Custom Made "Bj√∂rn"
  • Barecho For Real "Freddie"
  • Barecho Viking Princess "Vanda"
  • Barecho Zimply Amazing "Mariah"

  • Barecho Edition Of Joy "Freya"
  • Barecho Under The Moon "George"

  • Barecho United Colours "Zeta"

  • Barecho More Than A Game "Sinus"
  • Barecho On My Mind "Ofelia"
  • Barecho Quality Of Life "Reidar"
  • Barecho Que Sera "Ronja"
  • Barecho Sparklin' Eyes "Malou"
  • Barecho Takes It All "Tommy"
  • Barecho Trans Am "Jonson"

  • Barecho Just Fabulous

  • Barecho All In "Abbe"
  • Barecho Always Have Always Will "Ascot"
  • Barecho Amaze Me "Mazy"
  • Barecho Blowin' In The Wind "Vilde"
  • Barecho Cinnamon Bun "Roy"
  • Barecho Daily News In Red "Eero"
  • Barecho Four Wheel Drive "Vickan"
  • Barecho Future Design "Pave"
  • Barecho Future Fashion "Fanny"
  • Barecho Gingerbread Cookie "Minnie"
  • Barecho I Believe In Me "Ibelle"
  • Barecho Lucky Charm "Labbe"
  • Barecho Meringue Pie "Loreen"
  • Barecho One Night In Heaven "Ossi"
  • Barecho Pearl Of Passion "Tilda"
  • Barecho Quick Vision "Milo"
  • Barecho Turn Back Time "Meela"
  • Barecho Victory Made "Valdo"
  • Barecho Young At Heart "Torsti"

  • Barecho Jack Frost "Joar"

  • Barecho Choose Me Or Lose Me "Cosby"
  • Barecho Hallelujah Moment "Lyndi"
  • Barecho I Give You All "James"
  • Barecho Jacuzzi Surprise "Jette"
  • Barecho Lots Of Charm "Leyla"
  • Barecho Show Must Go On "Spencer"

  • Barecho Hot Hot Hot "Peppar"
  • Barecho Only One Kiss "Kleina"
  • Barecho Question Mark "Qaj"
  • Barecho Quite A Catch "Darin"
  • Barecho Sparkling Star "Lisa-lotta"

  • Barecho Big Girls Don't Cry "Blenda"
  • Barecho Bowmore Darkest "Rudolf"
  • Barecho Don't Overdo It "Davis"
  • Barecho Free Falling "Fran"
  • Barecho X-treme Power "Joey"

  • Barecho Touch-And-Go "Tim"
  • Barecho Truly Madly Deeply "Tequila"

  • Barecho Tick All The Boxes "Thatch"

  • Barecho Addicted To Love "Anni"
  • Barecho Advanced Prada "Kaisa"
  • Barecho All For You "Abby"
  • Barecho Beyond Compare "Saga"
  • Barecho Billion Dollar Baby "Dolly"
  • Barecho Catch And Release "Ronja"
  • Barecho Cava "Cava"
  • Barecho Chasing Rainbows "Lovis"
  • Barecho Class Act "Chippen"
  • Barecho Deepest Feelin' "Disa"
  • Barecho Double Dealer "Bruce"
  • Barecho Do You Mind "Cara"
  • Barecho Drummer Boy "Max"
  • Barecho Eager To Win "Enzo"
  • Barecho Elegant Touch "Ellie"
  • Barecho Especially For You "Electra"
  • Barecho Every Inch A Lady "Elaine"
  • Barecho Exquisite Hope "Smash"
  • Barecho Fairy Tale "Freja"
  • Barecho Fancy Fashion "Bonzo"
  • Barecho Fashion Is My Passion "Amy"
  • Barecho Fly Me To The Moon "Liza"
  • Barecho First Score "Flash"
  • Barecho Frequent Winner "Ilo"
  • Barecho Gentleman In Gold "Gerard"
  • Barecho Happy Dance "Alva"
  • Barecho Head Line "Arez"
  • Barecho Hocus Pocus "Basse"
  • Barecho Hot Sensation "Hanne"
  • Barecho Ina Scot "Irja"
  • Barecho Jetset Design "Albert"
  • Barecho Kaleidoscope Dream "Tokyo"
  • Barecho Kathy's Song "Lilly"
  • Barecho King Of The Road "Kaizer"
  • Barecho Masterpiece Of Gold "Bris"
  • Barecho Nothin' To Declare "Kompiz"
  • Barecho One Look At Winton "Enni"
  • Barecho One Way Ticket "Tyra"
  • Barecho Original Taste "Magda"
  • Barecho Over The Moon "Vera"
  • Barecho Party On My Own "Maja"
  • Barecho Passion Play "Bella"
  • Barecho Paths Of Glory "Tutta"
  • Barecho Pictures Come Alive "Polly"
  • Barecho Pricky Pearl "Jippi"
  • Barecho Pricky Secret "Vega"
  • Barecho Queen L "Wendy"
  • Barecho Ready To Fly "Fido"
  • Barecho Retro Girl "Petra"
  • Barecho Sensible Choice "Izzi"
  • Barecho Six Feet Under "Sara"
  • Barecho Twist And Turn "Ipa"
  • Barecho Upper Class Design "Saga"
  • Barecho Upside Down "Lisen"
  • Barecho Want Some Fun "Lillis"
  • Barecho Your Choice "Cassie"
  • Barecho You're My Lucky One "Linus"
  • Barecho Zamantha Girl "Ziba"
  • Barecho Zomeone Like You "Kaisa"
  • Barecho Zimply Made For Me "Marta"
  • Barecho Zimply Zuper "Loke"
  • Barecho Zuper Bowl "Jussi"

  • Barecho All Rights Reserved "Allegro"
  • Barecho Dot Com "Dottie"
  • Barecho Keep Dreamin' Of Gold "Kahlua"
  • Barecho Not Bad At All "Ninja"
  • Barecho Rare Diamond "Rhonda"
  • Barecho Use Your Illusion "Nixon"
  • Barecho Vild Is The Wind "Nika"

  • Barecho Kiss The Sky "Freya"

  • Barecho Just A Striking Image "Eros"
  • Barecho Red Riding Hood "Rihanna"
  • Barecho Time Will Tell "Tibald"
  • Barecho X-tra X-tra "Flammy"

  • Barecho All You Need Is Love In Red "Andira"
  • Barecho Promised You A Miracle "Prinsen"

  • Barecho Call Of The Wild "Gustaf"
  • Barecho Hang On To Me "Cloe"
  • Barecho Indian Summer "Icarus"

United Kingdom
  • Barecho Cover Girl "Leah"
  • Barecho Fame Queen at Eastriding "Fame"
  • Barecho Gold Fever at Peasblossom "Luca"
  • Barecho Hold Your Horses at Peasblossom "Seamus"
  • Barecho Odd Molly at Peasblossom "Bessie"
  • Barecho Qualified To Show with Peasblossom "Holly"

South Africa
  • Barecho Jazz Dancer "Jakob"
  • Barecho Making Waves "Markus"
  • Barecho Me, myself and I "My"
  • Barecho Push To Play "Platon"
  • Barecho Xciting Dream "Ulla"

Czech Rep.
  • Barecho Butterfly Kisses "Emi"
  • Barecho Just My Style "Jasmina"
  • Barecho Top Truth "Tessca"

  • Barecho Addicted To You "Ayla"
  • Barecho Better B'Good "Buddy"
  • Barecho Dollar And A Dream "Dinah"
  • Barecho Don't Let Me Get Me "Griffin"
  • Barecho Girl Next Door "Ginger"
  • Barecho Golden Boy "Lincoln"
  • Barecho Gold Piece "Gail"
  • Barecho Good News "Gisela"
  • Barecho Jack Of All Trades "Pelle"
  • Barecho Jetset Romance "Juli"
  • Barecho Kiss From A Rose "Tindra"
  • Barecho Let The Music Play "Luca"
  • Barecho Merry Maker "Sam"
  • Barecho My Number One "Melvin"
  • Barecho Pretty Woman "Pippi"
  • Barecho Role Model "Russin"

  • Barecho Dream Maker "Dune"
  • Barecho Modern Business "Lena"


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